It’s all in the Details

It’s all in the details

With thousands of options for leather goods, what makes Didaá HandCrafted so special?

In the words of our Eponym, Didaá , “What’s worth doing is worth doing well.” We carry those words into each item that is created for you. Our attention to detail and utilization of old world practices ensures durability and sets us apart.

Hand stitching

We hand-stitch every piece using the saddle stitch- a technique born out of necessity but maintained due to its durability. The saddle stitch utilizes a single piece of thread and two blunt needles, a method that keeps our products together. If a saddle stitch breaks, the second thread holds the other stitch in place. Unlike the machine stitch that unravels and requires re-sewing, the saddle stitch only requires mending only the area of damage. 

Strength in the Details

We ensure that all stress points are secure by double stitching or hand-peening brass rivets in the stress areas. We use high quality waxed thread, which creates an even stronger bond with time and use; we believe that the extra labor costs are well worth the quality that we provide.

We take handmade to the next level and through to the presentation of your purchase. We believe that a well-made product should come in a well-presented package, so all our products come in a handmade drawstring velour bag, with a hand stamped logo on a piece of vegetable tanned leather. At Didaá HandCrafted, we stand by the saying, “God is in the details.”